EDITION 3 - 02 & 03 june 2018        

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Tasting Together !
world tasting room


Open Women and Wines of the World 
 MONACO 2018


A gathering of international references
of  Wines and Spirits of the World

Come and taste the best Wines and Spirits World else!
Unique tasting area … « World Tasting Room™ »
in a friendly atmosphere New Green Tendance™
offering eccentric universes full of discoveries:

Women and Wines of the World,
Terroir, Gastronomy,
Women and Wines of France, Rosé Wine, Spirits,
&  Tasting Point Surprise !
This exceptional event is
At the General Public, to Professionals and Media.
Saturday, june 3 and Sunday, June 2018
Meridien Beach Plaza 

Monte Carlo MONACO.

Wines and Spirits of the World presented, 
from a selection rigorous and warranty 
will be commented 
by expert tasters of wine and spirits.

open monaco 2017

Conviviality, Exchange, Diversity
based on sharing, simply!